FOX NEWS created #45

Dear Fox News - 

You have, for so long now, been on the wrong side of history.  Because bigotry is always the wrong side.  Because we only have ONE planet and instead of helping to save it, you yield to $$ while sacrificing the livelihood of your grandchildren.  Because America was built on the back of slaves, stolen from other humans who we dominated and nearly destroyed.  Because we dropped the bombs. Because Santa Clause probably wasn't white.  Because marriage is between whoever the fuck wants to get married. Because while we have so much to offer, and we were already 'great' in so many ways, it was our country's humility, our grace and our integrity that allowed us to lead in the world.  Now you've fucked that all up with tiny hands.    You created this mess.  You have the power to clean it up.  Will you step up?